about jacinda

Bridging communication gaps between businesses and customers since 2012.

I’m a firm believer that copy and marketing should be informed by research and data.

Copy sells, to be sure, but data is the foundation upon which good copy is built. Growth and messaging informed by data have the power to not only instruct, inform, and communicate a message but to also entice, influence, persuade, invoke curiosity, and close a sale.

And when you’re trying to attract and retain the best-fit customers for your business, your growth strategy and marketing need to be based on more than a guess.

With more than a decade of marketing and copywriting experience to my name, I’ve planned and executed strategy for a wide variety of industries — consumer products and services, healthcare, business services, SaaS, B2B companies — and an even wider array of clients including email marketing service providers, membership site and online course platforms, artists, yoga and meditation centers, agencies, and more.

I know my strengths and I know what I do best. If it turns out that I’m not the right fit for your project, I’ll let you know. I’ll probably even recommend a couple of other options for you. Having been an active member in the world of marketing for a while, I’ve built an extensive network of professionals I’d be happy to recommend.

Why Me?

I'm the perfect consultant for you if...


You have too many opportunities for growth and you’re not sure where to focus.


You’re struggling to go from startup to scalable growth because the tactics that helped you early on aren’t working now.


You don’t understand who your real power users are or what sets you apart from your competitors (according to your customers).


You have no idea what to do with your marketing or messaging to connect with your best-fit customers.


You need rich customer insights and actionable steps to take toward growth.


All of the above.

what I do

Develop or define your growth strategy so you can:

  • Lead the market by defining your market categories and implementation stages.

  • Expand reach and reduce CAC through a strong market position.

  • Reduce risk perception and build a sustainable advantage.

  • Shorten sales cycles, break growth plateaus, and reduce CAC through a clear roadmap and focused penetration strategy.

  • Reduce CAC and increase conversions with key positioning messages that will resonate with your best-fit clients.

...and, ultimately, fill your customers' unmet needs.


Get a strategic, actionable plan for growth through customer experience.


Compelling copy is in reach. Launch copy, emails, copy reviews all built on the customer-led growth framework.

Funnel building + Design

Build a list of perfect leads, convert those leads to perfect customers, and re-engage the ones you’ve “lost.”

Got an exciting custom project in mind? I love a good challenge!

Let's talk and see how we can work together.

Certifications + Memberships


Get started with my 15-page guide, How to Map Your Customer's Experience for Maximum Growth!

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